Anatolij Sitnikov Anatolij Sitnikov

Head of techogenic hydrogeology laboratory
Institute of geological sciences NAS Ukraine

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The Laboratory is founded in 2004 on basis of a department derivated in 1983 and headed by Professor Sitnikov, Dr.Sc. in geology and mineralogy, a laureate of Vernadsky NASU Award (1987) and State Award (2004).

Basic research trend of the laboratory is elaboration of theoretical backgrounds for long-term forecasting and management of aqueous-saline regime in a geological terrain under high anthropogenic pressure.

The object of studies is the active water exchange zone including aquifers of potable and economic water resources and saturated and undersaturated soils of near-surface layer, waters of а topsoil, meteoric and biologic origin. Effectiveness of the techniques applied was proved in several regions like innings of the Ukrainian Polissya, irrigative lands of South of Ukraine and Steppe Crimea, Saratov Trans-Volga Territory, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan as well as for waterlogged and polluted areas within urban agglomerations (Kyiv, Odessa, Tula, Ashghabat) and large industrial facilities. A particular study was devoted to radioactive contamination of the environment caused by Chornobyl NPP accidence.

Main theoretical and methodological achievements of the laboratory are: